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It's About Building a Community

Our waterfront is not just about a shoreline – it’s about building a community. And we need and want your help. Our team, including key partners – like you – will develop a vision for everyone to participate in.

A Shared Vision for Lakeview

City of Mississauga, Province of Ontario and Ontario Power Generation to develop Shared Vision for Lakeview Waterfront. All three parties will work together to formalize a coordinated strategy, consistent with the longer-term development of the Lakeview community. A working group will develop a memorandum of understanding with a goal towards developing a common vision for these lands. full story >


Can We Do This?

Yes. While much of the land in the Inspiration Lakeview study area is owned by the Province of Ontario, it's our role and responsibility to say how we would like our waterfront to be developed. It just makes sense.

It’s Our Role & Responsibility.

The Mississauga Official Plan provides the policy framework to guide and direct growth in the city. As directed by the Planning Act for the Province of Ontario, all municipalities are required to review their Official Plan on a regular basis and to establish policies for both publicly and privately owned lands that will guide cities through future stages of growth.

In fact, the provincial government, in a letter dated September 15, 2010 from the Honourable Minister of Energy, Brad Duguid, to the City of Mississauga states, “The government stands behind the announcement that the Lakeview site will no longer be used to locate an electricity generating station.”
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We’re Listening to You

One of the many ideas that came out of the Our Future Mississauga public engagement initiative was the direction, by the people of Mississauga, that the Mississauga waterfront was one of the City’s hidden jewels. The public response was overwhelmingly supportive of a planned approach to further develop our waterfront. Inspiration Lakeview will achieve this goal. It’s about listening to your ideas, your thoughts and your insights so we can develop a vision for the Lakeview waterfront area.


Aligning Entrepreneurship & Business Opportunities

The overall business goal is that Inspiration Lakeview will become a self-sustaining, business community with green initiatives and community enhancements. The area will become an innovative and eclectic neighbourhood with entrepreneurs driving the innovation of new business and ‘must-locate’ area for artists and business leaders alike. This development is a solid, return-on-investment decision.