March 2014: Community Update and Workshop

On the evening of March 18, 2014 the Inspiration Lakeview Team hosted a community workshop to focus on developing the Master Plan framework for Inspiration Lakeview.
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November 2013: Community Update

The Inspiration Lakeview team gathered with community members to provide updates on work underway and next steps. The City of Mississauga, the Province of Ontario and Ontario Power Generation are working together with the community to develop a shared vision and Master Plan for the Inspiration Lakeview study area. The next steps will be focussing on the Master Plan Framework.
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December 2010: Visioning Sessions

Over three days in December 2010, a local seniors' community centre was transformed into “idea central” as almost 500 community members shared their ideas about a new Mississauga waterfront in the Lakeview area. Listening to three urban experts touching on topics like environmental sustainability, green spaces, and cultural landmarks, provided the crowd with the starting point for countless conversations. view photos and summary >


November 2010: Touring the OPG
site and learning from Mississauga students

The Ontario Power Generation (OPG) lands were opened up for a public tour - an up close look at an area that has been closed off to the community for decades. November also saw City of Mississauga staff join 350+ secondary students to gather youth oriented ideas and perspective on the potential for the waterfront development in Lakeview.


October 2010: Kickoff Event

The kick-off event for the launch of the Inspiration Lakeview visioning sessions was off to a resounding start! Nearly three hundred people spent the evening talking about their Mississauga waterfront and began conversations that, for many, began years before. And for some, was a new opportunity to let their voice be heard. The crowd also listened to two urban experts to provide even more perspective and knowledge. view photos and details >