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What's it all about?

Inspiration Port Credit is about envisioning a bright, new future for the waterfront in two specific areas while embracing the important history and achievements of Port Credit.
We’ll be looking at the Port Credit Harbour Marina lands and the Imperial Oil Limited lands and help to refine the Port Credit vision that blends the needs of the community with the needs of the owners of the land.

We’ll then be able to weave together the various City, public and private Port Credit initiatives to foster sustainable partnerships between the City, landowners, community partners and stakeholders. It will help us establish a comprehensive Master Plan and implementation plan to guide the City towards the realization of the full potential of the waterfront sites. Launched on May 9, 2012 by Council, Inspiration Port Credit will be completed over the next 12 months.

Read through our Corporate Report to find out how we’ll go about balancing the ideas of all with a sustainable and innovative approach to the future.

How can I get involved?

Inspiration Port Credit is a collaborative undertaking that asks the question, “What kind of waterfront do you dream of -- once again?” The City of Mississauga reached out to the community to pose this question about the Lakeview area. We’ll take the same approach with Inspiration Port Credit asking you to share your ideas.

It’s Our Role & Responsibility

It’s important that the City of Mississauga take a leading role in working with the community to chart the future of Port Credit.

Port Credit Local Area Plan Inspiration Port Credit will help connect all the related goals for the community by working within the framework of the draft Port Credit Local Area Plan. We’ll also be sensitive to Canada Lands Company Limited’s desire to plan for the future of the Port Credit Harbour Marina and the options for the Imperial Oil Limited lands.

With Canada Lands Company Limited and Imperial Oil Limited, we envision a fresh, new future for Port Credit that respects the dreams of its residents and enhances this already vibrant and flourishing community.

The Mississauga Official Plan provides the policy framework to guide and direct growth in the city to establish policies for both publicly and privately owned lands that will guide future development and City capital projects.

We also see our role as one to provide direction for future development applications in Port Credit. The City’s Strategic Plan sets a visionary action to create a model, sustainable, creative community on our waterfront.

Who's Doing This?

The City of Mississauga will work with Canada Lands Company Limited and Imperial Oil Limited to translate the vision in the draft Port Credit Local Area Plan for their lands. It will include the ideas, needs and the desires of Mississauga residents, community and business leaders.

What is Inspiration
Port Credit?

We know the Mississauga waterfront is a much beloved and cherished treasure by all residents. Inspiration Port Credit is about enhancing the successes of the community and envisioning a new, vibrant future for the Port Credit Harbour Marina and the Imperial Oil Limited lands.

It's About Building
a Community

Our waterfront is not just about a shoreline – it’s about building a community. And we need and want your help. Our team, including key partners – like you – will ask everyone to participate, from Lakeview in the east to Port Credit and beyond in the west.

Can We Do This?

Yes. While the two areas, the Port Credit Harbour Marina lands and the Imperial Oil Limited lands is not owned by the City of Mississauga, we can and should help build the community plan for the two important areas.

We're Listening to You

One of the many ideas that came out of the Our Future Mississauga public meetings was the direction, by the people of Mississauga, that the waterfront was one of the city’s hidden jewels. The public response was overwhelmingly supportive of a planned approach to further develop our waterfront. Inspiration Port Credit will achieve this goal. It’s about listening to your ideas, your thoughts and your insights so we can develop a plan for the Port Credit area that enhances what already exists.