1968 – Amalgamation of Clarkson, Lakeview, Cooksville, Erindale, Sheridan, Dixie, Meadowvale Village and Malton to form the Town of Mississauga

The Township of Toronto became the Town of Mississauga by a somewhat unpopular provincial decree in 1968 which amalgamated the villages of Clarkson, Lakeview, Cooksville, Erindale, Sheridan, Dixie, Meadowvale, and Malton. At the time both Port Credit and Streetsville were left out of the equation and remained as separate entities. They would be amalgamated with the Town of Mississauga in 1974 to form the City of Mississauga.

A competition was held to come up with a new name for the new Town. It was narrowed down to a choice between “Sheridan” and “Mississauga”, and Mississauga was chosen as the new name.

The picture above shows the 1968 Town of Mississauga Council in Chambers, at Cooksville Town Hall. In the photo are Mayor Robert Speck and Councillors Chic Murray, Tom Dale, Ron Searle, Gord Lummis, Dean Henderson, Hank Stewart, Bill Anderson and Roy McMillan..

The Council met in the Municipal Offices in Cooksville

until 1971 when they moved to the new Mississauga City Hall at 1 City Centre Drive. The building was built as offices in 1969.

In 1984 the new award winning Mississauga Civic Centre was opened.

The old City Hall was converted to offices. It was demolished in 1988 and a new high-rise office building was built on the site.